with a shot over a lake or with a tree in front of you? If you feared hitting the tree or ending in the lake, that is what usually happens. Basketball is Buy jordans online no different. Sure you wont lose your ball in the lake or have the fear of the ball ricocheting off the tree and hitting your face, but you will still miss the target. So if you take basketball seriously and you want to improve your game dramatically, then I recommend the following tips. Tip 1 Visualize your shot to improve your distance control. An essential element in shooting hoops is to apply the correct force behind the shot such that the ball will fall through the net as opposed to falling short and flying www.jordanspring.com beyond the back board. A great drill in practice is to shoot the ball with your eyes closed. This summons the incredible power of your sub conscious mind to the fore and I guarantee your shooting distance control will improve no end. So go through the process of setting up as normal, use your usual technique, shoot the ball and then after releasing the ball open your Bred 11s eyes and enjoy seeing your ball fall through the basket. This will be frustrating initially but with practice the results will shock you. Its like athletes who run with tires strapped to their waists, they make training more difficult. Then when you remove the tire (shoot with opened eyes) it suddenly appears so much easier. Tip 2 Develop a preshot routine This may sound like golf lingo to you but sports psychologists agree that it is an essential ingredient for success in every sport. By preshot routine I mean in the moments Jordan Spring right before you shoot the ball, you should perform a consistent sequence of events. For example Grape 5s you might dribble from the left hand to the other, bounce the ball 3 times and then shoot. It is essential that you take this exact routine and apply it consistently whether in practice or tournament play. This settles your mind, makes you feel in control and reduces pressure because if you always use the same routine, your mind will treat.